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Deep Seating 5 Piece Outdoor Furniture Set

deep seating 5 piece outdoor furniture set

    outdoor furniture
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  • Garden furniture, also called patio furniture and outdoor furniture, is a type of furniture specifically designed for outdoor use. It is typically made of weather resistant materials. The oldest surviving examples of garden furniture were found in the gardens of Pompeii.

    deep seating
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deep seating 5 piece outdoor furniture set - The Marchesa

The Marchesa Collection All Weather Wicker 5-Piece Patio Furniture Deep Seating Set

The Marchesa Collection All Weather Wicker 5-Piece Patio Furniture Deep Seating Set

* Wicker Color: Viro Prussian Dark Bronze
* Metal: Aluminum Frame
* Fabric: Sunbrella
* Cushion Fabric Color: Canvas Cocoa
* Durable All Welded Aluminum Frames Are Used To Construct Each Piece Of Patio Furniture
* Masterfully Woven To Combine Form And Function, 2 by 1 Weave For Extra Durability
* Fully Welded, Solid Aluminum Tube Construction
* Natural Element, Can Be Rinsed Off With Water And A Mild Soap
* Five Stage Powder Coated Finish On Aluminum Frame
* Cushions Included
* Suitable For Commercial Use

80% (9)

Deep seated fire

Deep seated fire

An early morning Structure Fire for the Colorado Springs Fire Dept. Originally noticed by a delivery man around 8 A.M., this deep seated fire grew to a Third Alarm. Extensive overhaul was done to ensure this building fire is extinguished.



Three weeks of accumulated snow. For some reason, I think there's something comical about the small piles of snow on the seats --- Livingston, West Lothian (Jan 2010).

deep seating 5 piece outdoor furniture set

deep seating 5 piece outdoor furniture set

The Taryn Collection 5-Piece Patio Furniture Deep Seating Set

The Taryn Collection's luxurious estate style, comfort and durability will make your outdoor living space the talk of the neighborhood. This set is made of all weather wicker woven over rust-resistant, heavy-duty all welded frames fitted with Sunbrella cushions. The Taryn includes versatile sectional pieces, fully woven coffee table and end table. Cushions shown in Sunbrella fabric Canvas Cocoa and are included with this set. You won't be disappointed. The wicker color of this set is Prussian Dark Bronze.

The Taryn Collection Includes:
2 Club Chairs - 30" L x 30" D x 27" H
1 Loveseat - 60" L x 30" D x 27" H
1 End Table w/ Glass Top - 20" L x 20" D x 16" H
1 Coffee Table w/ Glass Top - 35.5" L x 20 " D x 13" H

* Maintenance Free * Stylish Contemporary Design * Lasting Powder-Coat Finished All Welded Frames * Extra Thick 250g Quick Dry Sunbrella Fabric Cushions * Woven Over Tubular Aluminum Frame * Comfortable, Generously Proportioned Seating Designed To Withstand Frequent Use and Harsh Elements * Viro SGS Tested All Weather Hand Woven Resin Wicker Is UV, Stain, Crack, Water and Split Resistant For Extra Durability.

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