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King furniture set - Office discount furniture

King Furniture Set

king furniture set

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My fancy king furniture sofa set

My fancy king furniture sofa set

I felt so guilty when my aunt gave me the money for this amazing sofa set but money has been tight since I bought the house and did all the renovations. I'd been eyeing this set since before buying my house although initially I was going to get the microsuede since it was cheaper but mr kitty has a nasty tendency to pee on sofas so I got the leather one instead. I spilt beetroot on it the very first night I sat on it and the stain just wiped straight off! yay! plus mr kitty doesn't seem to enjoy clawing leather as much as he did with our old fabric couches.

Walnut Lowboy

Walnut Lowboy

Lot's of beautiful walnut makes up this bedroom set consisting of two large dressers with maple dovetail drawers, nightstands, and a king size sleigh style bed. Nickle hardware and the wood had a slight mocha dye stain. Any project in walnut is a fun one.

king furniture set

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